ABCD Games

Prepared by Geoff Hardy of the Eastern Ontario Lotus Club
Parts supplied courtesy of Hosie and Brown Engine Repair Division


Fan Belt Toss

The object of the belt toss is rather obvious , try to ring the pistons with varying diameters of fan belts. The crank is on a 4ft high post. Except for the pistons all components are of ABS fittings.

The Fan Belt Toss (variation on old carnival ring toss) consists of a free standing stylized engine crank with 2 real pistons and their connecting rods, with 3 different fan belts and a pitching ring. The pitching ring will be centered ten feet from the face of the "crank". The contestant stands in the ring and with out stepping out, attempts to toss the belts over a piston.

Throws can be over/under hand or Frisby style. Belts can land over either piston, or any combination of pistons (the hardest will be all 3 belts over the same piston).

Spark Plug Drop

The Spark Plug Drop will consist of a stripped 4 cylinder head on the ground, centered in a hula hoop ring. Contestants feet must remain outside the ring. Player chooses 4 sparkplugs from a selection of 12 sparkplugs, but only 4 of the available plugs will fit into the holes if dropped successfully.

Player then stands out side the ring facing which ever side or end they wish. With out bending or stepping over the ring, they will attempt to drop each plug, into the sparkplug hole.

To make it more difficult for auto enthusiasts, they must be dropped in the proper firing order!